A Jumping Habit That Became a Successful Business!

Today I wanna present to you a great case study of how a man took his hobby and turned it in to a great successful business.

jacob_hiller The Jump Manual, created by Jacob Hiller is a training program that helps you to jump higher. Jacob Hiller who is a professional trainer has been training professional athletes to increase their vertical leap and to attain maximum height. Since several years he has been dealing with every aspect of jumping. His work and experience has made him understand about the working of human muscles. With this knowledge he could devise the best diets and exercises to create the biggest capacity in vertical jumping as well as maximize the results.

Essential Parts of a Great Vertical Jump

Usually majority of the athletes depend upon professional coaches or their colleagues for guidance and information during the training. They work meticulously and try hard repeating the exercises which are known to increase the jump. However, in Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual, he points out that not only hard work is not effective always but it can also be harmful, unless they are executed exactly. Commitment, strong desire and hard work to succeed are definitely essential, but to achieve your target you should understand the essential parts of a great vertical jump, which are quickness, fuel, neurological recruitment as well as conditioning, strength, balance and stability, form, body composition, hereditary factors and flexibility.

How The Jump Manual Can Motivate You!

jump-manual-successThe Jump Manual training program will not let you waste any of your time doing the wrong kind of muscles for jumping higher. On the other hand, it will show you all the correct workouts as well as exercises you can do to get maximum results. The program comes as videos or E-book, which you can view by using the computer. Its software has jump training programs and workout program charts so that you can keep a track of your progression. You can even monitor how much inches your vertical jump has increased per week. This in turn will motivate you and also make you strive harder.

Also, when something succeeds it usually creates a buzz in the community. Well, jump manual is no different and here’s what people think of it.


However, Jump Manual program is not meant for all. If you have no seriousness about the training and if you are not willing to work sincerely by following the program precisely, then you should not try it. This program offers you with the correct knowledge as well as the correct tools, but you are the one who should succeed. Since there are lots of different jump manuals around the internet and since most of them are only scams, this training program by Jacob comes with a guarantee. If you don’t gain 10 inches in your vertical jumping in spite of doing the program properly for 12 weeks, your money will be returned to you as double. This in itself is a proof that Jump Manual really does wonders!

If you are persistent, focused and want to enhance your vertical jump, dunk the basketball and augment your game well, this is the perfect program for you! The Jump Manual has helped numerous athletes from all across the globe and it will definitely help you.

If you’d like to learn more about the business model behind The Jump Manual and the secret to its popularity then go to http://www.basketballworkouttips.com/jump-manual-review/.

Tabs VS Spaces

Let’s get this right out in the open regarding indentation: tabs are correct and spaces are wrong. Now that we’ve got that over with, let’s go into the why of it:

Tabs are more flexible

When code is using spaces for indentation, the viewer and quotes is rigidly locked into viewing the code with that exact format. Some programmers might want to see indentation as two spaces, others might want four. These are both reasonable requests, and it should be trivial to satisfy both requirements.

It’s very simple for almost any editor to display a tab at whatever width the user desires. Spaces do not provide the ability to do this. Therefore, tabs are more appropriate.

Tabs have semantic meaning

When referring to indentation, a tab is the perfect representation. A space is typically a separator between words, sentences, punctuation, variables, operators or other list items. It can be many different things, but typically is just a buffer to allow similar items to breathe. When placing a dozen or so of these in front of a line of code, you’re separating separators with other separators, which isn’t useful.

When using tabs instead, not only are there less characters being used, but a tab is also representing an indentation, which makes perfect semantic sense. Amazing way to learn to code is AI – tutorial about Artificial Neural Networks.

“But tabs mess up multi-line assignments!”

This is a common complaint that I hear about tabs. Here’s an example of what this means:

1 var foo               = ’bar’;
2 var a_really_long_foo = ’bar’;
3 var another_foo       = ’bar’;
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The complaint is that when formatting code like this, tabs viewed at two spaces look one way and tabs viewed at four spaces look a completely different way. What really blows my mind about this argument is that spaces are actually appropriate for this format and it’s such a trivial thing to hit space instead of tab when formatting your code like this. That’s not much of a compromise.

“But I want people to see my code the way I want them to see it!”

Then you’re selfish. Please realize this. Would you insist on whoever’s reading your code to use a specific syntax highlighting color scheme? Of course not. If for some reason you like tiny fonts, would you insist that those with poor eye sight view your code in the same format? I really hope not. When freedom or strict, arbitrary rules are your two choices, I really hope you’ll appease everyone involved and see the light.

Consider the extremes

If you care at all about this discussion, then I’m guessing you’ve worked with programmers before. You know that they tend to be intense, obsessive people, often with preferences that seem weird to others. I’ve heard of some programmers preferring as low as one character indentation, and others who prefer up to eight. See how different that looks:

One character indentation

1 if (obj) {
2  for (i in obj) {
3   if (obj[i]) {
4    obj[i]();
5   }
6  }
7 }
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Eight character indentation

1 if (obj) {
2         for (i in obj) {
3                 if (obj[i]) {
4                         obj[i]();
5                 }
6         }
7 }
view plain | print | ?

You might not prefer either extreme, but try to remember that we’re not all the same. We each have our own, often bizarre preferences. Tabs ensure that everyone is happy.


We discussed why tabs are the correct choice and spaces are incorrect. Tabs are flexible and give each reader the ability to view them the way s/he chooses. They also have semantic meaning that can be useful for a myriad of reasons.

Hy language – python meets lisp.

So please keep this in mind when making a decision on your codebase: spaces are rigid and uncompromising, meaning spaces are a selfish, stubborn choice. New python lisp. Tabs are flexible, which means tabs provide the freedom programmers need to view the code in their own format. Read the tutorial on neural networks, make the right choice!

Ayn Rand

I am John GaltAyn Rand is the most amazing and clever writer that I’ve ever read.

Here you can find the cool atlas shrugged quotes.


Wit, intelligence, and the state of flow.

Xkcd WitI always liked programmers and geeks. And as a one of them you just owe it to yourself to make your own website What I admire about them is their intelligence and inventive mind.

You know what else is extremely related to cleverness and brilliance?
Learning to get into flow state as quickly and as consistently as possible.
Train your brain to be as awesome as that.

Here’s an awesome interview with one of the funniest comic artists I know,  author of theoatmeal

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Writing stories for websites to promote your online business

Screenwriter's bibleMost of the programmers I know love to write, and excited about making something creative, like writing short stories. Writing is a very important skill even for the entrepreneurship – you can’t build a popular website without knowing how to write great blog posts.

But to write a great article – you need to learn and understand the story structure.

But first -watch the video that may help writes to take their books and make them popular by making a website:

Here’s an article that can help you with that – understand how to construct  the plot.